By donating to our movement you are joining our fight to end Military Sexual Trauma (MST). Our mission is to create a military free of sexual violence by creating a culture that values diversity and inclusivity. We work towards accomplishing our mission by lobbying elected officials to enact policies that protect the social welfare of vulnerable classes of veterans. 

Thank you for joining our mission to end Military Sexual Trauma (MST). We have recently had some notable accomplishments. Our movement made history by passing our Bad Paper Bills series. Making New York State the first state in the nation to pass groundbreaking laws that protect multiple classes of vulnerable veterans including those who suffer from PTSD due to Military Sexual Trauma who have experienced retaliation by their Chains of Command and our LGBTQIA veterans who have been discriminated against for who they love. 

You donations will help us continue our fight for justice and equality. We can not thank you enough for your support in helping us create a more equal military. The United States has the most powerful military in the world. When we create an equal and diverse military, we are also fighting to create a more equal and diverse world.