LGBTQIA Military Freedom Bill of Rights

Our Military Sexual Trauma Movement believes in inclusivity and diversity. We firmly believe that intolerant views towards women, minorities and the LGBTQIA communities are reasons for the profound amount of sexual violence in the military. We believe in equal rights for all. Many individuals from the LGBTQIA community face many of the same issues that veterans who experience MST face, such as homelessness, involuntary sexual servitude, discrimination, denial of benefits and lack of access to education and healthcare. Often times these stressors lead to mental illness and suicidal idealization. 

We believe that service members who commit their lives to fight for freedom, deserve to have the very freedoms they are fighting for and they are often denied those rights. The U.S. Military has a history of discrimination, sexism and racism that runs deeply in its culture due to toxic leadership mindsets that we are fighting to put to rest. Our diversity is what makes our nation as powerful and impactful as it is in the global arena. Our movement is about embracing and protecting the rights of everyone who joins the United States Military. 

Every military policy that silences individuals such as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to the "Transgender Bans" must be challenged and overturned. Authenticity is the truest form of freedom. Serving with honor means that you have the ability to live your life authentically while serving on active or reserve duty. In order to truly live out our values as a nation we must live up to the standard of really being the land of the free. This statement must apply to all of us. When we create an America where freedom only applies to a few and our very own service members are not protected because of races, sex, gender, religion, etc. we are failing as a nation, right here on our own soil. 

We create an un-necessary struggle which creates a systemic issue of forcing LGBTQIA community members in to the slave trades as a result of lack of opportunity. All of this can be prevented by implementing our LGBTQIA Freedom Bill of Rights. We ask that you sign on to support our cause and help us create awareness about the our bill of rights. You are fighting for us so we are fighting for you.

Our LGBTQIA Freedom Bill of Rights includes: 

Living out an individual's preferred lifestyle without retaliation, the ability to serve irregardless of gender or sex status, access to medical treatment needed to live out an individual's preferred lifestyle and protection from retaliatory discharges on the basis of a service member coming out and choosing to live out their authentic lifestyle. 

GOAL: 24 signatures

Will you sign?