Sign on to our Letter of Reprimand to Senator McSally

U. S. Senator Martha McSally
404 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510




Dear Senator McSally, 


We are not only concerned, but are also deeply hurt by your choice to cast doubt against a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma. As a survivor yourself, you should be well aware of the danger your remarks can cause. A victim of MST is 12 times more likely to experience retaliation than they are to see their attacker convicted of a sex crime. 


As a woman veteran, we know you have seen the noxious mentality of a toxic military culture. 


As an MST survivor, a woman veteran, and a member of Congress, your remarks will have lasting negative effects on an already broken community that is still struggling to gain a voice. Time and time again, our voices are consistently ignored or silenced. Your reckless remarks continue to push this community further into the dark leaving victims vulnerable to homelessness, drug addiction, and suicide. 


Enclosed is a written statement from our Movement's Founder & CEO, Janelle Marina Mendez, detailing her story. 


For over 8 excruciating months, Ms. Mendez endured physical, emotional, and psychological trauma in addition to her MST. She was molested, hazed, denied sleep, locked in a room for 15 hours straight, had a metal chair thrown at her, and was put in military jail, all in retaliation to reporting her attacker.

As someone who didn’t report due to fear of retaliation, we thought you would understand the lengths military commands will go to in order to cover their misconduct.


When someone is a genuine advocate for MST survivors, it is because they genuinely understand and empathize with the struggle that comes with it. In many cases, there is little to no physical evidence. You say you are an ally, yet you turn your back on other victims to fit your political agenda. Your actions are not those of an ally. 


We ask you not to cast doubt on victims of sexual assault. We ask you to not perpetuate an "Old Boys Club" mentality that harbors toxic masculinity. We ask you to genuinely apologize and rescind your remarks. Our movement is combating these dangerous ideologies. 


We urge you to believe survivors and to stand with us in solidarity.   

On behalf of the Military Sexual Trauma Movement,




Deidra Hubay

Executive Director of Communications

Military Sexual Trauma Movement



Jessica Dorantes

Senior Director of Communications

Military Sexual Trauma Movement




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