Call on Congress to Establish MIRA


Today, we are calling on Congress to Establish MIRA (Military Industry Regulatory Authority)

The establishment of MIRA would allow victims to report sexual assault outside of their chains of command. MIRA would be a non-profit organization that is granted powers by Congress to regulate the Department of Defense at home and overseas. 


The Military Industry Regulatory Authority (MIRA) would provide protections for victims and ensure that their Chains of Command are independently investigated and that they are held accountable. MST has adversely impacted more than 1.5 million veterans. As we have seen over the last few years, MST is the main cause of suicide amongst veterans, the main reason behind female veteran homelessness, the main contributor to substance abuse, main reason veterans end up being trafficked into the sex and drug trade.

Now, is the time to establish MIRA so that we can protect our nation's heroes. We must act now. We can not wait any longer. Sign our petition to call on Congress to enact the Military Industry Regulatory Authority (MIRA).





Learn about MIRA by listening to our Perspective's Podcast:

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GOAL: 25,000 signatures

Will you sign?