MST Movement Memorial Day Commemoration Speech


Our Military Sexual Trauma Movement is urging local and federal level elected officials to commemorate the service members and veterans who have died as a result of the injuries they sustained due to MST. We feel strongly that the veterans who have died remaining unnamed, un-counted and unacknowledged deserve more than a dying silently. We believe that the families who lost a veteran should not feel shame or alone. We believe these families deserve to be represented and heard. 

Our Military Sexual Trauma Movement is calling on veteran organizations, veterans, corporations and the general public to turn your thoughts on acknowledging so many veterans and service members who has died due to MST. We must write a new story, together. One of progress, inspiration and compassion. A story about recovery and healing. Veterans who have a history of MST are 70% more likely to commit suicide compared to a non-MST veteran. 

Every military policy that supports the silence of our injured service members only causes more pain and suffering. We must protect our next generation of young people who will join the United State Military. They deserve to be protected. Join our Movement at

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